What is a Verified Review of Trustpilot

What is a Verified Review of Trustpilot?

Consumer reviews on Trustpilot are of two types one is verified, and the other is unverified. Suppose the review of the consumer is verified, then Trustpilot displays a “verified” mark on it. Moreover, when a consumer’s review is marked as “verified,” it simply means that Trustpilot has verified that the consumer has a genuine purchase from that business or company.

To mark the reviews “verified,” the platform asks consumers to provide documentation of their purchased product or service. This verification helps Trustpilot to create a more trustworthy platform for customers worldwide.

Differences Between Verified Reviews for Trustpilot and Unverified Reviews

As you know that Trustpilot reviews are of two types verified and unverified. A review is only marked verified by the platform if a consumer provides proof of his purchased product. Moreover, the review is marked as verified when a business uses the automation tools provided by Trustpilot to invite consumers to their platforms to leave feedback about the business.

·       When Consumers Provide the Documentation

Consumers sharing their reviews on Trustpilot are also asked to share the documentation related to their buying experience. For example, the platform can ask for documentation like order confirmations, bills or receipts, email conversations with the business, or delivery reports.

However, Trustpilot does not ask for documentation from every consumer. They only ask from those consumers whose business flags the previous reviews provided. A business or company flags a review only when they don’t believe the consumer writing it has a genuine buying experience.

·       When Business Sent Invitation Through Trustpilot

The companies or businesses using Trustpilot can send an invitation to their customers using Trustpilot’s automation tools. If a customer reviews a business through the invitation link, their reviews are automatically marked as “verified” without asking for any documentation.

In addition, the reviews which are marked as flags by the business are considered unverified views. These views are unverified because neither they provide any documentation nor are they invited by the business.

How Trustpilot Rating Work

Why Verified Reviews Are Best and You Should Buy Verified Reviews for Trustpilot Not Unverified Ones?

Verified Trustpilot reviews are the safest and most trusted reviews as the reviews labeled as verified by Trustpilot

As you know, Trustpilot is one of the leading websites regarding consumer reviews. If a consumer thinks of buying something, he will check the reviews of businesses providing that product or service.

So, if a business wants to increase its reputation and sales, it can consider buying Trustpilot-verified reviews. It does not matter what product or service your business offers. If you buy a 5-star verified review, your business will surely have a higher ranking. In contrast, if you will buy unverified reviews for your business then it will leave a negative impact on your customers.

Working of Trustpilot

When a consumer creates a profile on Trustpilot, he shares his review with a star rating. These consumers share their reviews for businesses or retailers from which they have purchased any product or service. Not only star rating consumers can also share their experiences by writing detailed comments on specific companies or businesses.

Now, the platform uses the star rating given by consumers to give a score to the business or companies. This score given by the platform is known as ‘TestScore,’ and this score is based on a scale between 1 to 5. A score of 5 means an “excellent” experience, and a score of 1 means a “bad” experience.

However, this score is determined by more than just the past rating of customers. Other factors affect a company’s TestScore:


The reviews which are given in recent times have more weightage as compared to the old reviews.


If a business gets reviews more frequently, its TestScore would be more consistent.

Bayesian Average

TestScore of companies with a smaller number of ratings tends to fluctuate frequently. To counter these fluctuations, Trustpilot provides a 3.5 score to that company to alleviate the overall score.

How to Create a Profile and Write Reviews on Trustpilot?

Creating a profile on Trustpilot is a pretty straightforward process. You just need to sign up on Trustpilot through your Facebook or Google account or an Email address. When logged into the platform, you can search for the business you want to review and then just leave feedback.

Some customers also get a link to Trustpilot through the business or retailers from where they have purchased something. So, by clicking on the link, the consumer’s profile will be automatically created by the information they provided to that business. Moreover, when consumers click on that link, they will be redirected to that business’s profile to write the reviews.